New EP from KAF

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New EP from KAF

Virtual singer KAF will release a new EP on May 22nd.

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Virtual singer KAF will release GSA, her first new collection of solo material since 2023, on May 22nd.

GSA contains three songs said to find the artist exploring new terrain, as it marks her first time working on a solo release with producers besides longtime collaborator Iori Kanzaki. With its eclectic and ambitious blend of sounds, the EP is said to offer a hint at where she will go next as she prepares to release more music this year, while also reminding listeners of her musical curiosity and openness to experimentation.

Links to download and stream GSA on various music platforms will become available here on the release date.

In addition, KAF recently launched another project called KAIKA, which sees her aiming to express herself more directly by taking on the role of primary songwriter. The project's debut song, kaika, was released digitally worldwide on April 24th.

The accompanying video is said to capture the visual tension the KAIKA project embraces. It was filmed during KAIKA’s debut live performance, which was a surprise appearance during part of her solo show under the KAF moniker held at Yoyogi National Stadium this January. The video for kaika utilizes 3D Point Cloud technology, which allows KAIKA, who performed physically on stage at the event, to appear as if she is caught between worlds.

The music video for kaika can be viewed below.

 Download or stream "GSA" (starting on the release date)  Download or stream "kaika"

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