New Single from Tasuku Hatanaka

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New Single from Tasuku Hatanaka

Singer and voice actor Tasuku Hatanaka will release a new single on July 17th, and a special event celebrating his 30th birthday has been announced.

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Singer and voice actor Tasuku Hatanaka will release a new single on July 17th.

His ninth in total, It's time to fly! marks Hatanaka’s first self-production, as he penned the lyrics for the title track himself. As his 30th birthday is coming up on August 17th, the song is said to be based on the theme of “travel” and packed with his current feelings and the challenges he would like to take on. The track was composed by M-Swift, also known as Shohei Matsushita, along with the artist XinU and musician Yota Shoji.

The single will be available in two editions. Both will feature the title song, a currently untitled B-side, and instrumental versions of both songs, for a total of four tracks. The standard edition will be CD-only, while the Limited First Edition will add a Blu-ray disc with the music video for It's time to fly! and making-of footage for the MV.

Furthermore, an event commemorating Hatanaka’s 30th birthday and the new release titled TASUKU HATANAKA 30th Birthday & 9th Single Release Party -It’s time to fly!-, will be held at Zepp Yokohama on August 18th. The first half will consist of a variety segment with guests, while the second half will feature a live performance by Hatanaka.

Yuma Uchida and Chikahiro Kobayashi, who both share close relationships with Hatanaka, will appear as guests for the afternoon and evening performances, respectively.

Tasuku Hatanaka made his debut in 2006 as the voice of Edmund Pevensie in the Japanese dubbed version of "The Chronicles of Narnia". Following that, he appeared as a voice actor in various dubs and anime series, including "My Hero Academia", "SK8 the Infinity", "LUPIN ZERO", and "Tokyo Revengers".

In July 2017, he made his debut as a singer with the single STAND UP, which was released by anisong label Lantis. Since then, he has been active both as a voice actor and an artist, contributing to anime series and dramas such as "Moriarty the Patriot" and "Ultraman Z".

A short version of the music video for It's time to fly! can be viewed below, followed by the full MV for his ending theme for "OVER TAKE!", Good Luck.


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