New EP from Petit Brabancon

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New EP from Petit Brabancon

Rock supergroup Petit Brabancon will release their second EP, "Seven Garbage Born of Hatred", on August 7th.

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Rock supergroup Petit Brabancon will release their second EP, Seven Garbage Born of Hatred, on August 7th.

Their first release in about a year, it will, as the title suggests, contain seven songs. It’s said to pursue a different sound from the melancholic heaviness of their first album Fetish, which embodied their initial impulse to make music together. Instead, this time, they will be paying homage to the "extreme" sound that inspired the band's origins: nu-metal that emerged in America in the mid-90s.

The EP is also said to be inspired by the energy of the moshing, crowd surfing audiences that attended their [Petit Brabancon EXPLODE -02-] shows held over two days in Osaka this January. It’s described as "a project that shows the band's musical intentions and symbolizes the path they will take in the future."

One of the unique characteristics of Petit Brabancon's releases is their special CD packaging, and this EP's Limited Edition is no exception. It will be housed in special pizza box-style package. The artwork will feature illustrations inspired by the take-out pizza boxes that appear in run-down areas. Fans who purchase the Limited Edition will also receive a take-out pizza bag as a bonus.

Pre-orders for the EP started on May 11th. The Limited Edition can only be purchased through the MAVERICK STORE or GALAXY BROAD SHOP. The Standard Edition will also be available for purchase through TOWER RECORDS and Amazon. The release can also be pre-added and pre-saved on Apple Music and Spotify now here

Additionally, ticket sales for overseas fans for the nationwide tour promoting this new release, Petit Brabancon Tour 2024 "BURST CITY", began on May 11th. The tour will kick off at Spotify O-EAST in Tokyo on September 5th and wrap up at Aichi DIAMOND HALL on the 21st. Overseas fans can check out the full list of dates and purchase tickets here.

A visualizer for a humble border, one of the songs featured on the EP, can be viewed below, followed by a live video for Don't forget, a song featured on Petit Brabancon's 2022 album Fetish.

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