New Digital Single from Da-iCE

19/04/2024 2024-04-19 17:45:00 JaME Source: Press Release Author: Nana

New Digital Single from Da-iCE

Boy band Da-iCE's new single "I wonder" is out on digital platforms worldwide now.

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Boy band Da-iCE released the digital single I wonder on April 17th.

The lyrics were written by members Taiki Kudo and Sota Hanamura, and Hanamura also composed the music. The song is said to incorporate the vibe of a drama series, focusing on the dual themes of “love” and “finding yourself” and comparing them to colours, from vivid ones to black and white, and all the layered combinations in between.

Links to download and stream I wonder on various music platforms are available here.

A performance video for I wonder was also released on YouTube. The choreography was devised by Hanamura in collaboration with Sungo (avex ROYALBRATS). It shows the members of Da-iCE dancing gracefully in a space with no decoration except for the lighting, allowing viewers to focus on the group’s performance.

The performance video for I wonder can be viewed below.

 Download or stream "I wonder"

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