Mrs. GREEN APPLE Reveal "Lilac" Music Video

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Mrs. GREEN APPLE Reveal "Lilac" Music Video

Pop-rock band Mrs. GREEN APPLE recently unveiled the music video for their "Oblivion Battery" opening theme "Lilac", which features the band members playing a total of 18 different roles.

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Pop-rock band Mrs. GREEN APPLE recently unveiled a new music video for their latest digital single Lilac.

Released on April 12th, Lilac is the opening theme for the anime series “Oblivion Battery”. The music video for the song features the band’s three members, vocalist and guitarist Motoki Ohmori, guitarist Hiroto Wakai and keyboardist Ryoka Fujisawa, performing as students in a classroom scene. This makes the video reminiscent of their MV for Speaking, which came out eight years ago, adding an air of youthful nostalgia to the work.

Ohmori also takes on the roles of a teacher, café employee, mechanic, janitor, police officer, firefighter, produce store clerk, fishmonger, florist, childcare worker, and secondhand clothing store employee, while Wakaiportrays a barber and taxi driver, and Fujisawa appears as a traffic controller and carpenter. The final scene brings together all 15 roles for a grand finale. Including their student roles, the band members play a total of 18 characters.

“Oblivion Battery” airs on the TV Tokyo network every Tuesday at midnight, with Prime Video offering immediate streaming following each episode. It is also being progressively released on various other streaming platforms.

Links to download and stream Lilac on various music platforms are available here, and the song’s music video can be viewed below, followed by the MV for Speaking

 Download or stream "Lilac"

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