ARKTA Reveal “The Song for You” Music Video

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ARKTA Reveal “The Song for You” Music Video

Rock duo ARKTA have unveiled a new music video for "The Song for You", a track from their first EP "From Where the City Lights Burn".

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International hybrid alternative rock unit ARKTA has released a new music video for their song The Song for You. The track is featured on their first EP From Where the City Lights Burn, which was released on February 23rd.

Although ARKTA are known to often incorporate programming and synths in their music, The Song for You deliberately avoids them, opting instead for a straightforward sound with only raw instrumentation.

Vocalist Tak, who wrote the lyrics, explains: “This is a song for those who've felt crushed by the world, thrown out, and have gotten tired of everything. It's not a grand song about saving someone. I just wanted to turn my wish into a song where no one gives up on themselves. This is because I know people who gave up on life and left this world without giving me a chance to say anything. Because I know people who were rejected by the world due to discrimination. I know everyone is doing their best just by living their life to its fullest, but I thought that even someone like me could deliver a message to the world, that you're not alone. So, I poured my heart into this song. When you're ready to stand up, we'll pull you back up. We'll be here. Just for now, please listen to our song. I’m not saying let's try harder. Let's all just laugh together.”

Vocalist and producer kenken adds, “This song might feel somewhat different from the other tracks on the EP. But, we hope that listeners will appreciate the gentle, mellow yet powerful message conveyed in this song, which is also one of ARKTA's charms.”

To celebrate the release of their EP, ARKTA will also be having two shows/events in Tokyo, Japan. The first will be at Shibuya Milkyway with ACME on April 28th, and the second will be at Shibuya ROCKAHOLIC on the 29th.

The music video for The Song for You can be viewed below. To learn more about ARKTA and From Where the City Lights Burn, check out our recent interview with the band.

 Download or stream "From Where the City Lights Burn"  Read our interview with ARKTA

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