KIRA Reveal "ENIGMA" Music Video

10/04/2024 2024-04-10 21:21:00 JaME Source: Official Twitter Author: Christine

KIRA Reveal "ENIGMA" Music Video

Visual kei band KIRA recently unveiled the music video for their first single "ENIGMA".

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Visual kei band KIRA released their first single, ENIGMA, digitally worldwide on March 29th.

The single features three tracks: the title song, BLACK BOX and VII. The music and lyrics for all three songs were written by vocalist Mirai, except for VII, which was co-written by Mirai and guitarist Ryoga.

VII is a new version of a single released by the members' previous band LUCIFER back in 2019.

Links to download and stream ENIGMA on various music platforms are available here

The music video for ENIGMA can be viewed below, followed by LUCIFER's MV for the original version of VII.

 Download or stream "ENIGMA"

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