New Album from Unholy Orpheus

02/04/2024 2024-04-02 13:50:00 JaME Source: Diskunion Author: Ruchesko

New Album from Unholy Orpheus

Unholy Orpheus, a melodic death metal-oriented offshoot of Unlucky Morpheus, will release their debut album "what is DEATH?" on May 29th.

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Melodic death metal band Unholy Orpheus will release a new album on May 29th.

As its name suggests, Unholy Orpheus is an offshoot of Unlucky Morpheus. The lineup consists of its parent band's lineup minus vocalist Fuki. Instead, guitarist Shiren serves as a frontman for the first time since quitting UNDEAD CORPORATION in 2012.

Their debut album what is DEATH? will contain eleven tracks, one of which will feature guest vocals by Fuki. A music video for the closing track want to LIVE , which Shiren originally unveiled in 2022 as part of his solo project, can be watched below.


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