New Digital Single from LiSA

21/02/2024 2024-02-21 12:00:00 JaME Source: LisAni! Author: Ruchesko

New Digital Single from LiSA

Anison singer LiSA's new single "HELLO WORLD" is out now on digital platforms worldwide.

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Anison singer LiSA released a new digital single on February 21st.

HELLO WORLD's title track, composed by singer-songwriter Yasuha Kominami and produced by Stereo Fabrication of Youth's Ryo Eguchi, was the subject of a tie-up with Sony, parent company of LiSA's label SACRA MUSIC.

The music video for HELLO WORLD can be watched below, along with the commercial for the α7C II digital camera featuring LiSA.

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