New Digital Single from AOTO

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New Digital Single from AOTO

Rapper AOTO's latest single "i know that" is out on digital platforms worldwide now.

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Rapper AOTO released a new digital single on September 20th.

Titled i know that, the song follows just a month after his self-produced single waiting for me & you :).

The beat, mix and mastering were handled by M-3, and the song is said to reflect influences from genres and scenes such as electro, baile funk, EDM and hyperpop. The artwork was created by sota mori (SAGE), a graphic designer based in Canada.

Links to download and stream the song on various online music platforms are available here

A teaser video for i know that can be streamed below, followed by the full song.

AOTO was one of 20 up-and-coming artists selected to take part in Amazon Music’s “Amazon Original HEAT” project. The project saw 20 curators active in different music scenes select and introduce 20 artists, who would each create an original song for the project, with full support from Amazon Music for the production of the song and its music video. The video for ROMEJULI, AOTO's contribution to the project, can be viewed below.

 Download or stream "i know that"

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