T/ssue Release Rearranged Version of "Skirt"

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T/ssue Release Rearranged Version of "Skirt"

Rock band T/ssue have released a rearranged and re-recorded version of their 2015 song "Skirt" digitally worldwide to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their formation.

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Nagoya-based rock band T/ssue recently released a rearranged and re-recorded version of their song Skirt on digital platforms worldwide. One of the band's best known songs, Skirt was featured on their 2015 mini-album An Apple.

This new release is said to be a preview of a re-recorded best-of album they are working on to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their formation and leave behind a record of their activities together.

Links to download and stream the new version of Skirt on various music platforms are available here.

Formed in 2013 by four members of the same college music circle, T/ssue signed with Nagoya-based label MORN/NG RECORDS in 2015, which earned them the opportunity to perform at a number of large events and festivals. However, they returned to distributing their music independently in 2017. They disbanded suddenly in 2018 when bassist Daichi Ozawa decided to retire from music to pursue other interests, as the members had decided they did not want to change their line-up. The group's other three members: frontman Ichiro Sone, guitarist Tadashi Hanaoka and drummer Yohei Iwata, formed a new band called NIL ad9 in 2019.

A video for the rearranged version of Skirt can be viewed below, followed by the MV for Tokyo city from T/ssue's 2015 mini-album White and NIL ad9's 2021 MV for Moon Walk -Mirai no uta-.

 Download or stream the rearranged version of "Skirt"

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