New Album from Leetspeak monsters

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New Album from Leetspeak monsters

Gothic rock band Leetspeak monsters will release a new album on October 18th.

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Gothic rock band Leetspeak monsters will release a new album on October 18th.

Monster’s Theater III will be their first full-length album in about four years. It will contain 12 tracks, including the previously-released singles Trick or Treat, Beltane, Samhain and Graveyard.

The album will be released in two editions. The limited edition will add a bonus DVD with the music video for Mr.Halloween and behind the scenes footage. The 12th song will also differ depending on the version. The limited edition will include Sleeping on the moon with flowers falling feat. Yagi, while the regular edition will feature Hide and seek (Album ver) instead.

In addition, Leetspeak monsters have announced three special Halloween events for October. Their Halloween Party 2023 shows will be held in Osaka and Tokyo, on October 15th and 24th, respectively. The band will hold a one-man to celebrate the holiday at Harajuku RUIDO on October 31st.

They will embark on a one-man tour titled Welcome to Monster’s Theater~2023-2024~ on November 23rd, which will wrap up with a final show at Tokyo Kinema Club on January 28th, 2024.

The music video for Mr.Halloween, a new song featured on the album, can viewed below, followed by the MVs for Beltane and Samhain.


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