New Single from ACME

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New Single from ACME

Visual kei band ACME's latest single "Ulfhednar / Tasogare" is out on digital platforms worldwide now.

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Visual kei band ACME released a new single on August 16th.

Ulfhednar / Tasogare is a double A-side single featuring the two title tracks, which are said to offer a stark contrast between "dark" and "light". Ulfhednar is said to be a track featuring speedy, aggressive guitar riffs and a feeling of tension. Tasogare is described as a rock ballad that captures the importance of showing gratitude for things like love and one's beliefs even during stressful times.

The single is available digitally worldwide, as well as in CD shops across Japan.

Links to download and stream each song on various music platforms are available below:


Stream Ulfhednar and Tasogare on YouTube:

 Download or stream "Ulfhednar"  Download or stream "Tasogare"

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