New Album from Da-iCE

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New Album from Da-iCE

Boy band Da-iCE's new album "SCENE" is out now on CD and digital platforms.

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Boy band Da-iCE released a new album on May 24th.

As they are currently in their 12th year together, SCENE was produced with the overall theme “building upon everything we’ve accomplished so far”.

The album’s 12 songs include Star Mine, which won an "Excellent Work Award" at the annual "Japan Record Awards"; Funky Jumping, the theme song for Capcom’s forthcoming game "Exoprimal"; and lead track Dandelion, which was composed by group member Sota Hanamura. Featured as the theme song to TV Asahi’s weekly Thursday drama series "Keiji to Kenji, Tokidoki Hanji", Dandelion’s lyrics are said to express Da-iCE’s determination to “face reality, no matter what the situation, and let the flowers bloom as [they] keep walking towards [their] goal”.

Links to download and stream SCENE on various online music platforms can be found here.

The album is also available on CD in four editions: a CD-only regular edition, a CD+Blu-ray fan club-limited edition and two versions featuring live footage from MTV Unplugged and COUNTDOWN JAPAN on either a DVD or Blu-ray disc, as well as bonus video contents exclusive to each format. The Blu-ray from the fan club-limited edition features the combined contents from both the CD+DVD and CD+Blu-ray editions.

Da-iCE commented:

“12 years have passed since we formed Da-iCE. As we have taken on a variety of challenges, we have reached an ever-larger audience, who have come to expect more and more from our music. This album shows the ‘next phase’ of Da-iCE, as we have evolved beyond the boundaries of genre and vocation to become creative artists active within various areas of the music scene. We have a great deal of confidence in our new album SCENE, so we hope you’ll listen to it.”

The music video for Star Mine can be viewed below, followed by a one-take performance of Dandelion from YouTube series THE FIRST TAKE.

 Download or stream "SCENE"

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