New Album from WagakkiBand

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New Album from WagakkiBand

WagakkiBand will release their fifth original full-length album on July 26th.

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WagakkiBand will release a new album on July 26th.

I vs I is the octet’s fifth original album, coming three years after 2020’s TOKYO SINGING. It will contain thirteen songs, including their opening theme songs for anime series “Baki Hanma” (The Beast) and “MARS RED” (Seimei no Aria).

It will also feature the band’s own version of Hoshinogotoku, a song originally composed by drummer wasabi and co-produced by WagakkiBand for the boyband Strawberry Prince, as a bonus track.

The CD-only edition will further include a second disc containing instrumental versions of every song. Meanwhile, the aptly-named “Vocaloid Zanmai 2 dai ensokai” edition will feature a live Blu-ray of WagakkiBand's concert at the Nakano Sunplaza, filmed during the titular Vocaloid Zanmai 2 dai ensokai tour last August.

Live footage of WagakkiBand performing Starlight, their theme song for the legal drama “Ichikei no karasu”, at Nippon Budokan can be watched below, together with the MVs for Strawberry Prince's Hoshinogotoku and shamisenist Beni Ninagawa's solo debut single Lycoris.


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