New Album from ReoNa

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New Album from ReoNa

Anison singer ReoNa will release her second full-length album on March 8th.

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Anison singer ReoNa will release a new album on March 8th.

Human will contain twelve songs, including ReoNa's theme songs for the anime series “Arknights [PRELUDE TO DAWN]” (Alive) and “Shadows House” (Nai nai and Shall We Dance?).

The album's seven new songs include SACRA, produced by composer Hiroyuki Sawano (of [nZk] fame), and VITA, a tie-up with the video game “Sword Art Online Last Recollection”. The latter track was released as a digital single on January 28th.

Watch the music videos for Alive and Shall We Dance? below.

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