New Digital Single from SATOH

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New Digital Single from SATOH

Pop duo SATOH released a new digital single today.

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Pop duo SATOH released a new digital single on January 25th.

Their first new release of 2023, RAINBOW is described as a "guitar rock anthem". The song is said to be inspired by the feeling of going back to one's early impulses, and it is said to be a hint at what SATOH's next "season" has in store.

Links to download and stream the song on various platforms are available here.

In addition, a music video for the song has been unveiled. The MV was directed by Shun Mayama, who has been responsible for the majority of SATOH's past visual works. Focused around outdoor performance scenes, it features cameos from various artists, including rapper lil beamz.

 Download or stream "RAINBOW"

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