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New Digital Single from Suga Shikao

18/01/2023 2023-01-18 17:49:00 JaME Source: Author: Christine

New Digital Single from Suga Shikao

Singer-songwriter Suga Shikao released a preceding digital single from his upcoming album "Innocent" today.

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Singer-songwriter Suga Shikao released a new digital single today.

Vanilla is a preview of his upcoming album Innocent, which is set to hit stores on February 1st. Links to download and stream the song on various platforms are available here.

A music video was also revealed on YouTube. As the MV has some scenes deemed inappropriate for the general public, the version on YouTube is an edited "public" version. The full version will be featured on the bonus DVD included with Limited Edition B of Innocent.

The public version of the music video for Vanilla can be viewed below, followed by a teaser for another new song featured on Innocent called Sayonara Sunset.

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