New Mini-Album from MUCC

29/09/2022 2022-09-29 17:46:00 JaME Source: Musicman Author: Ruchesko

New Mini-Album from MUCC

Rock band MUCC will release a companion mini-album to their latest album "Shinsekai" on December 21st.

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Rock band MUCC will release a new mini-album on December 21st.

Shinsekai bekkan is a supplemental work to the trio's recent album, Shinsekai, released back on "MUCC Day" (June 9th). The mini-album’s six tracks are a combination of outtakes from the original album and songs MUCC composed during the subsequent MUCC TOUR 2022 'Shinsekai' ~Beginning of the 25th Anniversary~.

Shinsekai bekkan's limited edition will also include a DVD of Documentary of MUCC TOUR 2022 'Shinsekai' ~Beginning of the 25th Anniversary~. MUCC will commemorate the mini-album's release with back-to-back shows at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM on the 22nd and 23rd.


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