Debut EP from Alternation of Generations

13/08/2022 2022-08-13 01:07:00 JaME Source: King Records Author: Ruchesko

Debut EP from Alternation of Generations

Alternation of Generations, a progressive pop band featuring NoGoD's Dancho and Unlucky Morpheus's FUMIYA, will release their first EP on September 28th.

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Progressive pop band Alternation of Generations will release a new EP on September 28th.

P.O.P will contain six tracks and is the quartet's first release of any kind. NoGoD frontman DANCHO founded the band earlier this year with ex-GUILD guitarist YOSHIHIRO, 7 DAYS PAPARAZZI bassist Ryosuke, and Unlucky Morpheus drummer FUMIYA.

A preview for an as-yet-unknown song by Alternation of Generation can be heard in the band's introduction video below.


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