New Single from FRUITS ZIPPER

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New Single from FRUITS ZIPPER

Idol group FRUITS ZIPPER's latest single "RADIO GALAXY" is now available for download and streaming worldwide.

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Idol group FRUITS ZIPPER released a new single on July 29th.

RADIO GALAXY is the group's fourth in total. It was created in collaboration with trackmaker, singer and producer YUC’e, who is known for her dance music inlaid with "kawaii" (cute) elements.

The song is available for download and streaming on various platforms here.

In addition, it has been revealed that FRUITS ZIPPER will hold their first solo concert at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM on September 12th.

FRUITS ZIPPER is an idol group with the concept "From Harajuku to the World". Aiming to transmit what they call "NEW KAWAII" from Harajuku, an area known for fashion and individuality, to their fans around the world, the group consists of seven members: Amane Tsukiashi, Suzuka Chinzei, Yui Sakurai, Luna Nakagawa, Mana Manaka, Karen Matsumoto and Noel Hayase. This spring, they released the song Watashino Ichiban Kawaii Tokoro, which became a hit on TikTok, racking up over 200 million plays.

An English-subtitled comment video the members of FRUITS ZIPPER recorded for their overseas fans can be viewed below, followed by the MV for RADIO GALAXY.

 Download or stream "RADIO GALAXY"

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