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New Collaboration Single from BACK-ON and TOTALFAT

03/08/2022 2022-08-03 13:45:00 JaME Source: Press Release Author: Ruchesko

New Collaboration Single from BACK-ON and TOTALFAT

Rock duo BACK-ON's new single featuring punk trio TOTALFAT is available now on digital platforms worldwide, courtesy of JPU Records.

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Rock duo BACK-ON's new single featuring punk trio TOTALFAT is now available on digital platforms worldwide, courtesy of JPU Records.

1994's music and lyrics were inspired by the bands' shared nostalgia for the music and street culture of the mid-'90s. The release is BACK-ON's second collaboration single in as many months and comes as the duo continue to celebrate their 20th anniversary.

The single also features the B-side WAVES (TEEDA’s BEAT JACK), in which BACK-ON vocalist MC TEEDA reworks the entire lyrical structure of the song that originally appeared on the 2021 album Still B/O.

Regarding 1994, BACK-ON guitarist KENJI03 said: “1994 was the year of Green Day’s Basket Case, OasisSupersonic and countless other tracks that would shape a generation. Times may have changed, but I’m glad we could share our timeless connection to this era alongside TOTALFAT.”

MC TEEDA said: “It was a ton of fun to make a song with TOTALFAT, especially in the same year as our 20th anniversary. We could record while reminiscing about all the bands and fashion of when our bands first started. It felt like we were back in those days again! I think the end result is packed with references to our roots, while also full of playfulness.”

Regarding WAVES (TEEDA’s BEAT JACK), TEEDA added: “There was a lot of skate culture mixed with other cultures in the early 2000s, so I thought it would be interesting to mix that sound with contemporary rap. I also played around with the song’s hook, and worked it to have a West Coast vibe. Both tracks on this single are perfect for summer, I hope they’re the soundtrack to yours!”

TOTALFAT bassist Shun said: “The longer we go on, the more we look back and realise how important our roots are. Creating ‘1994’ helped to remind me that BACK-ON and TOTALFAT have been able to keep going strong because our foundation never fades. Above all, the joy of celebrating the 20th anniversary of BACK-ON by collaborating with our dear friends of the same generation is something special. BO and TF never die! Happy 20th anniversary, from the bottom of my heart!”

TOTALFAT vocalist Jose added: “I really enjoyed singing with BACK-ON because the sounds and words they create are filled with many elements that resonate with me because of being the same generation and having similar roots. I think this song is truly a song filled with the stuff us 1994 kids can connect with. I hope you enjoy this song this summer!”

The music video for the original version of WAVES can be watched below.

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