New Album from CHOKE

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New Album from CHOKE

Nu-metal band CHOKE will release a new album this October, and a new track called "Crisis Phase" has been revealed on YouTube.

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Nu-metal band CHOKE will release a new album titled CHOKE3 this October.

While an exact release date for the album has not been announced just yet, fans recently got a preview of its contents. A music video for a new song titled Crisis Phase was revealed on YouTube on July 16th.

Crisis Phase is said to have a simpler sound than their previous works, drawing inspiration from trap metal. The song was written and composed by vocalist REON, while guitarist KYVA NONO handled the arrangement and mixing.

In addition, CHOKE will be celebrating their 5th anniversary with an event called BEEF that will be held at Shinjuku ANTIKNOCK in Tokyo on August 5th. It will see them perform alongside groups such as breakin' holiday, HONE YOUR SENSE and WORLD END MAN.

Watch the music video for Crisis Phase:

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