Two New Albums from Paradox Live

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Two New Albums from Paradox Live

Eight units from mixed media hip-hop project "Paradox Live" will face off on two new albums, kicking off the first round of the tournament "Road to Legend".

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This March, mixed media hip-hop project "Paradox Live" began a new chapter titled Road to Legend by releasing an album featuring new songs from its five original groups as well as four brand new units.

Now, eight of the groups are set to face off in the project's second rap battle tournament. The first round of the tournament will kick off with two new albums titled Paradox Live -Road to Legend- Round1 “FATE" and Paradox Live -Road to Legend- Round1 “RAGE".

Scheduled for release on July 27th, Paradox Live -Road to Legend- Round1 “FATE" will place the young, multilingual trio BAE against AMPRULE, a duo consisting of BAE member Hajun Yeon's younger half-brother and the family's masochistic butler, while the jazzy unit The Cat's Whiskers will face off against the eccentric group 1Nm8. The album will feature four tracks - one from each group - as well as a four-part voice drama.

Paradox Live -Road to Legend- Round1 “RAGE" will be released on August 31st. It will place the previous tournament's champions, the gloomy twin unit cozmez, against idol group VISTY and former yakuza unit Akan Yatsura against the angry prison-themed group GokuLuck.

Fans can decide which groups make it through to the next round of the tournament by voting in the fan community app "Paradox Tribe". The app is available through the App Store and Google Play. Votes are made using points that can be acquired by entering the serial codes from CD and merchandise purchases or via completing missions in the app.

The cast of "Paradox Live" features a number of popular singers and voice actors, including Gakuto Kajiwara as BAE's Allen Sugasano, utaite AMATSUKI as 1Nm8's Kei Miyama, Marina Inoue as AMPRULE's Dongha Yeon and Yu Hayashi as Yohei Kanbayashi from The Cat's Whiskers.

Full music videos for all four songs from Paradox Live -Road to Legend- Round1 “FATE" have already been revealed on YouTube. Enable captions and adjust the language to watch with English subtitles.

AMPRULE - True Pride

The Cat's Whiskers - Shooting Arrows

1Nm8 - edN

BAE - We △re The Future

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