New Single from May'n

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New Single from May'n

Anison singer May'n will release her ending theme song for anime series "TEPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" on August 17th.

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Anison singer May'n will release a new single on August 17th.

 Ahatte teppen's title track currently serves as the ending theme of anime series "TEPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". It is May'n's second collaboration with OxT's Masayoshi Oishi, who both co-produced the song (with yashikin) and co-wrote the lyrics with May'n.

Both editions of Ahatte teppen will contain two of May'n's recent digital singles as B-sides: Ao no kodo, composed by Kayoko Kusano, and Follow Your Fantasy, which was featured in a 'corporate music video' produced by game studio Cygames.

Elsewhere, on July 17th, May'n will perform at anison festival BILIBILI MACRO LINK - STAR PHASE, which will be livestreamed globally.

A preview of the music video for Ahatte teppen can be watched below, alongside the full version of Ao no kodo and Cygames' aforementioned 'corporate music video'.


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