King Records to Release TWO-MIX Tribute Album

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King Records to Release TWO-MIX Tribute Album

King Records will release a tribute album honouring pop duo TWO-MIX on July 27th, featuring covers by angela, NANO, and Yuuka Nanri.

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King Records will release a tribute album in honour of pop duo TWO-MIX on July 27th.

TWO-MIX Tribute Album "Crysta-Rhythm” will contain covers of ten songs by the duo, formed in 1995 by voice actress Minami Takayama and keyboardist Shiina Nagano.

They're best known for their "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing" theme song, JUST COMMUNICATION. angela's cover of this track dropped digitally on June 30th.

Other featured anison artists include rock singer NANO; singer-songwriter yanaginagi; JAM Project and LAZY vocalist Hironobu Kageyama; and Yuuka Nanri, whose take on WINTER LOVE EXPRESS with acoustic trio TSUKEMEN marks her first time recording under her own name since 2015.

Takayama's fellow voice actors Machico, Aki Okui, Megumi Nakajima, Chihiro Yonekura and Hikaru Midorikawa round out the list of contributors.

A trailer for TWO-MIX Tribute Album "Crysta-Rhythm” can be watched below.


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