First Album from T-STONE

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First Album from T-STONE

Rapper T-STONE released his first album "Type 1 Diabetes" today.

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Rapper T-STONE released his first album today.

The title, Type 1 Diabetes, is an ailment he has had since he was a child. It was chosen with the intention that this release will lay bare various things about him, including some of his complexes and the environment he was brought up in. It is said to feature heartfelt lyrics and passionate vibes.

The album features a total of 10 tracks. They feature appearances from a long list of guests, including veteran rappers like Zeebra and SIMON, as well as younger artists such as Fuji Taito, Sorane, CHICO CARLITO, Young Dalu, G:nt and Riin. Producers who contributed to the release include YamieZimmer, DJ WATARAI, NAOtheLAIZA, Giorgio Blaise Givvn, Anan Kaminaka, ACKO, WOFFY RICH and Maria Segawa.

Songs featured on the release include DonDaDa feat. Zeebra, which is a reconstructed version of Zeebra's famous song Kekkon to risou no genjitsu, Woman feat. Sorane, which expresses his thanks to his mother, Hitotsu no yoru feat. CHICO CARLITO, which sees him sing about joy and chasing dreams with his friends, and ZOMEKI feat. Takarabune, which fuses rap with inspiration from traditional performance art from the Awa Odori Festival, an event held in his hometown of Tokushima.

Links to download and stream the album on various music platforms are available here.

Born in the Tokushima prefecture, T-STONE started rapping in junior high. He started his music activities in earnest in high school. After honing his skills in MC battles, he released the mixtape PURPLE GARDEN in 2018. His first EP APOSTROPHE was released in 2019, and he moved to Tokyo in 2021 to continue expanding his activities. Towards the end of the year, the song Let’s Get Eat from APOSTROPHE took off on TikTok, and its music video has since racked up over 3 million views on YouTube.

The music video for U, a song featured on the new album, can be viewed below, followed by live footage from the release party for T-STONE's second EP INDEPENDENT, which was held in Tokushima in 2021.

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