Debut Single from Call of Artemis

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Debut Single from Call of Artemis

Call of Artemis, a virtual quartet featuring Nana Mizuki and Hinako "Hinanchu" Umemura, will release their first single on August 10th.

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Virtual quartet Call of Artemis will release a new single on August 10th.

Within the narrative context of Bushiroad's "D4DJ" franchise, Call of Artemis is an amalgam of 'DJ units' Lynx Eyes and Scarlet Canary, two duos that loom large in the series' backstory.

In real-world terms, the group sees RAISE A SUILEN vocalist Raychell and ex-SILENT SIREN drummer Hinako "Hinanchu" Umemura teaming up with anison singer Nana Mizuki and actress Arisa Komiya. All sing in-role as the characters they voice in the "D4DJ" game and anime.

Do the Dive's title track will serve as the ending theme song for anime series "Cardfight!! Vanguard will+Dress". It will be available in three editions, all also containing Call of Artemis's cover of #ALL FRIENDS, Lynx Eyes's debut single. Both tracks were composed by Tetsuya Komuro.

As an additional B-side, each edition will feature a unique cover of trf's 1994 hit survival dAnce ~no no cry more~ (coincidentally, another Komuro composition). These are sung by Lynx Eyes (Regular), Scarlet Canary (Vanguard) and Call of Artemis (Limited) respectively.

Raychell and Mizuki previously duetted on a cover of H.Jungle with t's WOW WAR TONIGHT ~Toki ni wa okoseyo Movement~ (yet another song composed by Komuro). This was used as the ending theme for the anime series "D4DJ First Mix".

Previews of WOW WAR TONIGHT ~Toki ni wa okoseyo Movement~ and Lynx Eyes' #ALL FRIENDS can be watched below.


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