New EP from Conton Candy

23/06/2022 2022-06-23 13:08:00 JaME Source: Twitter Author: Ruchesko

New EP from Conton Candy

Rock band Conton Candy will release their second EP on July 27th.

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Rock band Conton Candy will release a new EP on July 27th.

angel is the second such release from the trio, coming nine months on from their debut EP, PURE. Like its predecessor, the new EP contains five tracks and features cover artwork by illustrator hare..

Conton Candy was formed in 2018 by a quartet of first-year high schoolers, releasing original songs through music distribution website Eggs. After going on hiatus in mid-2020, vocalist-guitarist Tsumugi, bassist Fuka and drummer Sayaka relaunched the band as a three-piece in March 2021.

The music video for Conton Candy's debut single Long Skirt wa nabiite can be watched below.


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