Filtr Japan Releases "Anime Addiction" Playlists

09/05/2022 2022-05-09 16:43:00 JaME Source: Press Release Author: Christine

Filtr Japan Releases "Anime Addiction" Playlists

Filtr Japan, the Japanese edition of global playlist and music recommendation brand Filtr, has unveiled five special themed playlists for anime fans.

"Filtr Japan, the Japanese edition of global playlist and music recommendation brand Filtr (pronounced “filter”), recently released a new playlist with the theme “’trip’ to the anime world”. “Anime Addiction: BATTLE MODE!” is said to be "a selection strictly of tracks that will boost your motivation in every way".

Besides the aforementioned playlist, four more playlists from the “Anime Addiction” series were also launched at the same time, each catering to different moods. They include “Anime Addiction: MORNING MODE”, which allows listeners to "start the day refreshingly while indulging in the anime worldview", “Anime Addiction: SLEEP MODE”, which is designed to help listeners fall asleep in a peaceful mood, “Anime Addiction: SORROW MODE” is said to evoke sentimental feelings, while “Anime Addiction: PARTY MODE” contains music that aims to make listeners want to dance and have fun. 

Playlists from the series also feature cover art by illustrator TSCR, whose fan art was used as an official skin for the game "Fortnite", and who also handles illustrations for the characters of the professional gaming team Crazy Raccoon.

The Filtr Japan playlists are now available on Spotify and Apple Music. Each playlist will be updated from time to time.

"Anime Addiction: BATTLE MODE!" can be streamed here, while the rest of the "Anime Addiction" series is available here.

Listen to "Anime Addiction: BATTLE MODE!":

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