WACK Announces Members for First Male Idol Group

27/02/2022 2022-02-27 19:02:00 JaME Source: Author: Christine

WACK Announces Members for First Male Idol Group

Three members have been announced for WACK's first male idol group, and a second men's audition will be held this summer.

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WACK, the music production company behind idol groups such as BiS, BiSH and EMPiRE, held its first all-male audition, "WACK Men's Joint Audition", from February 24th to 27th this year.

The audition was open to men aged 15 to 37. A total of 16 contestants took part, including Tasukukusu and Ayuno K, two male participants from the "Project WACK-Chin Audition", an online event held in 2020 that was open to contestants of any gender or nationality, as long as they were over the age of 13 and had a visa to work in Japan.

Today, it was announced that three of the contestants from "WACK Men's Joint Audition" have been selected to be part of the company's first male idol group: JOHN GOKUH, CHE JiMiNG and CHiN BONBON. They are currently in a preparatory phase, gearing up to start their activities. The group's name will be announced at a later date.

In addition, producer Junnosuke Watanabe has announced that another WACK men's audition will be held this summer, and that contestants from the previous audition who did not make the final cut will be competing again.

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