New Album from MONDO GROSSO

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New Album from MONDO GROSSO

MONDO GROSSO will release a new album on February 9th, and a new track featuring a piano performance from Ryuichi Sakamoto and vocals from Hikari Mitsushima is out on digital platforms now.

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Musician, DJ and producer Shinichi Osawa's project MONDO GROSSO will release a new album on February 9th.

Titled BIG WORLD, the release will contain 12 tracks. The songs will feature contributions from a diverse line-up of guests, including Ryuichi Sakamoto, Hikari Mitsushima, Mika Nakajima, Original Love's Takao Tajima, Yoshie Nakano from EGO WRAPPIN’, Nogizaka46's Asuka Saito, suis from Yorushika, PORIN from Awesome City Club, CHAI, ermhoi from Black Boboi and millennium parade, DONGURIZU and his bandmate in the duo RHYME SO, Australian singer-songwriter/model RHYME.

A track from the album called IN THIS WORLD was released as a preceding digital single today. The song features vocals by Hikari Mitsushima, who previously featured on MONDO GROSSO's hit Labyrinth back in 2017, and a piano performance from Ryuichi Sakamoto. The track was created by Osawa, while the lyrics were penned by singer-songwriter UA.

Links to download and stream the song are available here.

The music video for IN THIS WORLD features Mitsushima dancing in mid-air against the backdrop of a theatre. The choreography was created by NOPPO from dance performance group s**t kingz.

Shinichi Osawa commented:
“This song was born from a journey of memory that I have experienced over and over. No matter how many times I have repeated it, I cannot recall how I arrived at the destination. Things that can only be felt by causing vibrations in the air over time. I cannot see it nor touch it, and perhaps that is why it is in sync with my heart. I drew the first stroke, and the overlap of consciousness dictated the end point of the sound.”

Ryuichi Sakamoto commented:
“At first I was not sure what I could contribute to a song like this, but I moved my hands as I was led by the melody.”

Hikari Mitsushima commented:
“When I first heard the music and read the lyrics, I was moved by how wide-open and natural they felt, and I tried to carry that feeling into my vocals and sing with love. And in the music video I got to fly, too. It’s a bittersweet but happy song filled with endless sensitivity.”

UA commented:
“I’m looking forward to this song resonating with the world at that moment when we feel the long, harsh winter give way to the resolute budding of spring. I’m so happy to participate in such a beautiful song. You can feel the sea of calm.”

The music video for IN THIS WORLD can be viewed below.

 Download or stream "IN THIS WORLD"

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