New Retake Best-of Album from deadman

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New Retake Best-of Album from deadman

Visual kei band deadman will release a best-of album featuring re-recordings and a new song on January 15th.

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Visual kei band deadman have announced that they will be putting out their first new release in about 15 years on January 15th.

A "retake best-of album", I am here will feature new re-recordings of tracks from the band's past works, including some songs that were previously only distributed at live venues. It will be released in two separate discs. The first will be available in stores nationwide, and it will feature 10 tracks, including a new song called Kane wa naru. The second, will be a live and mail order-limited release featuring five different re-recorded songs. The second disc is available for mail order from MAVERICK's online shop.

While deadman restarted activities as a duo consisting of vocalist mako and guitarist aie in 2019, the tracks on this album were re-recorded by the full line-up the band had before going on hiatus in 2006: mako, aie, bassist kazuya and drummer Toki.

In addition, it was announced that the first disc of the album will be getting a digital release on the MAVERICK label on January 21st, so fans will be able to find it on online stores and streaming services. It was also noted that some of deadman's past albums will be added to streaming services in the future.

deadman will be promoting the album with a short tour that will kick off at Nagoya CLUB QUATTRO on January 22nd. Additional details on the shows are available on the band's official website.

A trailer for the release can be viewed below.

 deadman - Official Website  Buy "I am here <DISC 2>" from MAVERICK's online shop

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