New Mini-Album from Nakigoto

24/11/2021 2021-11-24 01:00:00 JaME Source: SPICE Author: Ruchesko

New Mini-Album from Nakigoto

Rock duo Nakigoto will release their third mini-album on December 1st.

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Rock duo Nakigoto will release a new mini-album on December 1st.

Patrone no uchigawa de is the duo's third such release since they formed in 2018. It will contain five songs, including their recent back-to-back digital singles D.I.D. and Hanamuke. The latter song will serve as the next ending theme song for TV Tokyo variety show "Goddotan".

Music videos for D.I.D. and Hanamuke and a trailer for Patrone no uchigawa de can be watched below.


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