New Single from Ziyoou-vachi

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New Single from Ziyoou-vachi

Rock band Ziyoou-vachi will release a new single on October 27th, and the title track is out on digital platforms today.

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Rock band Ziyoou-vachi will release a new single on October 27th.

KING BITCH will feature three songs: the title track, a re-recorded version of Hinotori, a song from their indie period, and Hi shikaeru mimai, which is a re-arranged version of Moeru umi, a track from their major debut release Kujaku. The single will be available digitally and in a limited physical package that adds a Blu-ray disc with footage from their Yaten shita musou show held at Zepp Tokyo on July 2nd.

The title track just got a preceding digital release today. Links to download and stream the song are available here.

A music video for KING BITCH was also premiered today. Directed by Sayaka Nakane, who has handled all of the group's MVs since HALF, it features vocalist Avu-chan fighting against actor Akihisa Shiono in various situations. It was stated that Avu-chan personally requested for Shiono to be cast in the video, and that he immediately accepted the offer as he is a big fan of Ziyoou-vachi. In a comment about the video, he stated that when they first met, Avu-chan had a copy of his photo book, which made him feel both happy and a bit embarrassed.

The music video for KING BITCH can be viewed below. Enable captions to watch with English subtitles.

 Download or stream the title track from "KING BITCH"

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