Second Digital Single from 30sec certain victory

25/09/2021 2021-09-25 19:58:00 JaME Source: Official Twitter Author: Christine

Second Digital Single from 30sec certain victory

GENKI TAKEBUCHI and guitarist RYUTARO's new band 30sec certain victory released its second digital single today.

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30sec certain victory released their second digital single today.

Titled Consume my pain, it is available for download and streaming via iTunes / Apple Music, Spotify and other online music platforms here.

Formed just earlier this year, 30sec certain victory consists of 8P-SB's GENKI TAKEBUCHI on vocals and RYUTARO on guitar. Their debut release was a single titled Screaming right now that hit digital platforms on June 19th.

Listen to Consume my pain:

The music video for Screaming right now can be viewed below.

 Download or stream "Consume my pain"

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