New Digital Single from BACK-ON

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New Digital Single from BACK-ON

BACK-ON just released a new track called "SKY WALKER" on digital platforms on September 24th, and they have a new album due out November 10th.

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Rock band BACK-ON just released a new digital single on September 24th.

SKY WALKER is described as a "high-energy electro-rap track featuring J-rock riffs, chill beats and massive pop melodies". The song is available internationally courtesy of British label JPU Records. Links to download and stream the song are available here.

KENJI03 commented:
“There’s no time limit for a dream. Opportunities and chances can be seized by anyone. Enjoy your life even if people laugh at you! We wrote the lyrics with this as the theme. I want this track to encourage those who hear it.”

TEEDA added:
“Until now the music I’ve made has sometimes been swayed by obstacles or feeling that I’m not good enough. I guess it’s part of our roots. Yet the lyrics to this song are so exciting and full of hope. And after everything, we’re able to freely make music from our hometown of Adachi! Wasn’t that always our dream? When you listen to SKY WALKER I would be so happy if you could chase after your dreams.”

BACK-ON also just dropped another digital single called WAVES towards the end of August. In a contrast to SKY WALKER, it is said to offer a callback to the golden age of pop punk.

KENJI03 commented:
“This is our first summer love song. This year we couldn’t hit the beach because of COVID, so instead we made this song around the image of having a casual date by the sea. Be sure to play it loud while cruising along the coastline! Haha.”

TEEDA commented:
“We wanted to make the pop punk style from the 2000s into a new sound, so those of the same generation as us will be like ‘Oh, I know this sound!’, and I’d be so happy if the newer generation were like ‘Oh, so fresh!’.”

BACK-ON will be releasing a new album on November 10th, although its title has not been revealed just yet.

A lyric video for SKY WALKER can be viewed below, followed by the music video for WAVES.

 Download or stream "SKY WALKER"  Download or stream "WAVES"

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