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New Single from JUNNA

05/08/2021 2021-08-05 21:55:00 JaME Source: FlyingDog Author: Ruchesko

New Single from JUNNA

Anison singer JUNNA's opening theme song for anime series "Fena: Pirate Princess" - composed by Yuki Kajiura - drops on October 6th.

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Anison singer JUNNA will release a new single on October 6th.

Umi to shinju's title track will serve as the opening theme for Kazuto Nakazawa's forthcoming anime series "Fena: Pirate Princess". The song was produced by the series' composer, Yuki Kajiura. Both editions of the single will include an English-language version entitled the sea and a pearl.

The following week, Walküre - the vocal group a fifteen-year-old JUNNA debuted with in 2015 - will release a new album on the 13th. Walküre Reborn! will contain twelve tracks, including several songs that will feature in the anime film "MacrossΔ Zettai LIVE!!!!!!".

Previews of the music videos for two such songs, Mirai wa onna no tame ni aru and Walküre wa akiramenai, can be watched below.


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