New Album from UTERUS

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New Album from UTERUS

Rock band UTERUS's first album in nine years drops on August 4th.

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Rock band UTERUS will release a new album on August 4th.

Kazetanu will contain 11 tracks, including their 2020 single Hinomaru. This is the band's first full-length release since they reformed in 2018. It comes nine years after the release of the band's fourth album THE CATCHER IN THE MANDARIN ORANGE FIELD, which was soon followed by UTERUS's initial disbandment in 2013.

The band was originally conceived in 1996 while guitarist Yusuke "SAWA-U" Osawa was living in Vancouver. UTERUS's reunion three years ago arose from a benefit concert for the victims of severe flooding and landslides in their home prefecture of Ehime. The current line-up includes the band apart bassist Masakazu Hara, Cokaliku4D drummer Kaoru Abe, and Osawa's wife Meimaru on piano.

The music videos for Hinomaru and Kazetanu's closing track Torabaru can be watched below.


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