New Single from Aimi

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New Single from Aimi

Poppin'Party frontwoman Aimi's ending theme song for "Genjitsu shugi yusha no okoku saikenki" drops on July 28th.

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Poppin'Party frontwoman Aimi will release a new single on July 28th.

KAZANEAR is the singer's second release since she resumed her solo career earlier this year. Its title track will serve as the ending theme song for anime series "Genjitsu shugi yusha no okoku saikenki". Both editions will include the B-sides Shunkan SummerDay! and Anagura Highway.

Elsewhere, on August 18th, Poppin'Party will release the mini-album Live Beyond!!. It will contain five tracks including Koko kara saki wa uta ni naranai, the band's opening theme for anime series "Bokutachi no Remake", their first tie-in with media beyond the "BanG Dream!" franchise.

Previews of Live Beyond!!'s title track and Koko kara saki wa uta ni naranai can be heard below.


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