New Album from NABOWA

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New Album from NABOWA

Instrumental band NABOWA will release their seventh full-length album "Fantasia" on June 23rd, and a preceding digital single featuring guest vocals from AAAMYYY is out now.

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Kyoto-based instrumental band NABOWA will release their seventh full-length album Fantasia on June 23rd.

To give fans a sample of what's to come, the group released a new track titled Kiraku Ni as a preceding digital single on May 7th. Kiraku Ni features a guest appearance from AAAMYYY, a popular singer-songwriter/trackmaker who is also known as a member of the band Tempalay.

The album will also include passage of time (feat. SAKKON & NAGAN SERVER) which has already been released as a digital single, as well as eight other songs. The album opens with the up-tempo number possibility which is said to offer a mixture of neo-soul, jazz and hip-hop elements.

Links to download Kiraku Ni feat. AAAMYYY on various digital music platforms are available here, and a video for the song can be viewed below:

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