New Releases from angela

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New Releases from angela

Anison duo angela's tenth album drops on May 19th, followed by a new single on July 7th.

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Anison duo angela will release a new album on May 19th.

Battle & Message is the duo's first such release since 2017. It will contain twelve tracks, including seven new songs. Among these is the title track, featuring a duet between vocalist atsuko and Masaaki Endoh, the veteran anison singer and one-fifth of JAM Project.

In addition, angela will release a new single on July 7th. Andante ni koi wo shite!'s title track will serve as the opening theme for the snappily-titled anime series "Otome Game no hametsu Flag shika nai akuyaku reijou ni tensei shiteshimatta... X".

The music video for Battle & Message's title track can be watched below.


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