New Digital Single from SALU

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New Digital Single from SALU

Rapper SALU released a new digital single on March 10th, and an MV featuring subtle tributes to his past works has also been revealed on YouTube.

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On March 10th, rapper SALU released a new digital single titled SAINT.

The track is said to be influenced by punk rock from the early 2000s. It is now available for download and streaming on various music platforms.

On the same day, a new music video for the track directed by Yudai Maruyama was revealed. The MV shows various aspects of SALU's persona colliding, and it also features subtle tributes to some of his past videos in the costumes, themes and settings. The starry-eyed convenience store cashier character from his hit LIFE STYLE feat. Kan a.k.a GAMI, D.O, which Maruyama also directed the MV for, is a particularly notable example. 

This MV further emphasizes a recent shift in SALU's vision for his music. It began with his 2019 album GIFTED, which saw him address more personal subject matter in his lyrics, including his feelings towards his departed mother and his wife and daughter, who he had not mentioned publicly before.

Watch the MV for SAINT:

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