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New Single from DIR EN GREY

09/03/2021 2021-03-09 11:00:00 JaME Source: OHP Author: Ruchesko

New Single from DIR EN GREY

DIR EN GREY's thirty-second single drops on April 28th.

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DIR EN GREY will release a new single on April 28th.

The title track of Oboro, which translates into English as "hazy", has been described as a poem that expresses the emotional frailties of the heart born of human weakness. The single will be available in four editions, all of which include the B-side T.D.F.F. and a live version of 2018's Keigaku no yoku, taken from DIR EN GREY's recent concert film Bakuon joeikai 'Meguro Rokumeikan GIG'.

The limited editions' DVD and Blu-ray feature Bakuon joeikai 'Meguro Rokumeikan GIG' in its entirety, spanning fourteen songs. Oboro's cover artwork was designed by paper doll artist Maki Hino.


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