New Album from BRIDEAR

03/03/2021 2021-03-03 05:15:00 JaME Source: Setsuzoku Records Author: Ruchesko

New Album from BRIDEAR

Power metal band BRIDEAR's third full-length album will be released internationally on May 7th, courtesy of Setsuzoku Records.

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Power metal band BRIDEAR will release their third full-length album internationally on May 7th, courtesy of Setsuzoku Records.

This international edition of Bloody Bride will feature unique cover artwork and the exclusive track The Moment, a song produced for anime series "Kengan Ashura" making its first appearance on a BRIDEAR release. It will also contain eleven of the twelve tracks from the domestic version, including a song composed by ex-Janne Da Arc guitarist you. The album will be released in Japan on April 14th.

The music video for Daybreak can be watched below.


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