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New Live Album from Kari BAND

02/03/2021 2021-03-02 01:30:00 JaME Source: Press Release Author: Ruchesko

New Live Album from Kari BAND

Instrumental rock duo Kari BAND's new guest-laden double-disc live album will be released internationally on April 30th, courtesy of JPU Records.

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Instrumental rock duo Kari BAND will release their new live album with Friends.-Live at Streaming- internationally on April 30th, courtesy of JPU Records.

Recorded over the course of three livestreamed sessions last year, the album will contain fifteen tracks spread over two discs. Bassist BOH and drummer Yuya Maeta were joined by a quartet of guest musicians for the sessions: DIMENSION guitarist Takashi Masuzaki; LIV MOON keyboardist Tatsuya Nishiwaki; saxophonist Yucco Miller; and guitarist Satoshi Oka, a former student of Kari BAND's late co-founder, Mikio Fujioka.

Of the album, BOH said: "I never get tired listening to this live album that we've ended up creating. The guest musicians all bring something extra that Yuya and I could never accomplish on our own, and all these personal touches and essences mix together for the final result – this is the Kari BAND way."

Maeta added: "We were laughing the whole way through. Whenever the livestream cameraman came near we'd give each other the biggest of grins. We had a lot of fun recording this. We hope you have as much fun listening to it, too."

with Friends.-Live at Streaming- will be released in Japan on March 10th. It can be pre-ordered from JPU Records here.

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