New Single from UVERworld

27/02/2021 2021-02-27 14:00:00 JaME Source: OHP Author: Ruchesko

New Single from UVERworld

Rock band UVERworld's thirty-seventh single drops on March 10th.

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Rock band UVERworld will release a new single on March 10th.

HOURGLASS's title track will serve as the theme song for "Brave -Gunjosenki-", a film adaptation of Masaki Kasahara's time-travel manga that pitches a group of high school student-athletes against 16th-century samurai lord Nobunaga Oda. Both editions will also contain the B-side Teenage Love, an R&B ballad UVERworld premiered during their arena tour back in December.

An excerpt of HOURGLASS can be heard in the "Brave -Gunjosenki-" trailer below, alongside a preview of the music video for Teenage Love.


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