New Album from DISH//

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New Album from DISH//

Pop-rock band DISH//'s fourth album "X", featuring songwriting by members of GLIM SPANKY, Ryokuoushoku Shakai and Nulbarich, is now available for download and streaming.

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Pop-rock band DISH// just released their fourth album X ("cross") on February 24th.

The album is said to mark a new step in their 10-year career, recognizing the members' growing musical talent as they create more and more of their own songs. It features 12 tracks, including a number of songs written by the band, as well as four that were "directed" by one specific member and penned by songwriters from outside the group.

Vocalist Takumi Kitamura directed the ballad Kimi no ie shika shiranai machi de, which was written by Kujira, who is known for songs such as yama’s Haru ni tsugeru. Keyboardist and DJ To-i Tachibana's track QQ ("queens") was written by JQ from Nulbarich, while guitarist Masaki Yabe's song New Normal was penned by Haruko Nagaya from Ryokuoushoku Shakai. Drummer Daichi Izumi's track Mikansei na drama was written by rock duo GLIM SPANKY.

Links to download and stream X on most popular digital music platforms are available here

The members of DISH// have recorded a short English-subtitled message introducing the release for their overseas fans. Check it out below:

The music videos for Loser and Atarimae, two tracks featured on X, can be viewed below:


 Download or stream "X"

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