Debut Single from 362

22/02/2021 2021-02-22 03:15:00 JaME Source: Twitter Author: Ruchesko

Debut Single from 362

The debut release from 362, a rock band formed by members of IRIS MONDO and Velka, drops digitally on February 24th.

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Rock band 362 will release their first single digitally on February 24th.

The self-titled 362 (pronounced "San roku ni") will contain four tracks, including the eminently topical Fuckin Corona. The band is a time-limited collaboration between the members of pop-rock duo Velka and electro-rock band IRIS MONDO, who were reduced from a quartet to a duo back in December.

All four members have adopted numerical pseudonyms for the project. IRIS MONDO vocalist KULUMI and guitarist Super Sattan are 6 and 8, whilst Velka bassist ichiru yagawa and drummer tsubasa aoi are 1 and 2 respectively.

The music video for DIRTY can be watched below.


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