New Album from Megumi Nakajima

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New Album from Megumi Nakajima

Anison singer Megumi Nakajima's new album, featuring songwriting by tofubeats and Kayoko Yoshizawa, drops on February 3rd.

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Singer and voice actress Megumi Nakajima will release a new album on February 3rd.

green diary's title is a nod to the colour's ongoing significance in Nakajima's career, dating back to when she voiced the green-haired Ranka Lee in the 2008 anime series "Macross F". The album will contain ten songs, featuring songwriting by the likes of DJ tofubeats, singer-songwriter Kayoko Yoshizawa and Tourbillon keyboardist Hiroaki Hayama. The title track, written by Galileo Galilei frontman Yuuki Ozaki, was released as a standalone digital single on January 20th.

The music video for GREEN DIARY can be watched below, alongside a preview of green diary.

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